Hand-Made Ice Fishing Tip-ups - Made in Maine

America's Premiere Ice Fishing Tip-Up


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They're Named "Heritage" for a Reason:

It’s not just about the fishing

We don’t care about setting world records or filling the bucket with fish.  We don't care about the cold. We just like chasing fish. Henry David Thoreau said “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” 10-4 big buddy!  For us, it's about spending time in God’s country with family & friends. We take pleasure from what the season brings.

So Easy - It's childplay

Heritage Traps are great for hard running big fish, perch, and lakers. Pickerel, pike, and musky are no match for a Laker. By aligning the spring with the trip mechanism, you can create a more sensitive trip of the flag.  Aligning the spring opposite of the trip mechanism creates a stiffer trip. Set your Laker tip-up however you like.

Tip-Ups Built for Professionals

A Heritage Laker will stand the test of time.  They’re built tough! Large tall flags, wind proof, ability to control drag, large spools with lots of line capacity, and excellent quality make this a pro favorite. Best of all, we sell parts so that you can replace components as needed. A collection of Heritage Traps will last a lifetime.

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